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Hi. My name is E.J. Gold. I'm an artist, writer, jazz musician, game developer, financial market commentator, and I'm also known as a super-marketer with a reputation for success, and I'm here to tell you that Online Marketing Success can be yours today.

I started on eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, IndieAuctions (which is currently being redesigned as a high-volume auctionsite) and a few other early online auction sites 'way back in 1999, and within a matter of a few months, I was bringing in thousands per week, and had written a free handbook and gave free classes on how to become an online auctioneer, and soon not only I, but hundreds of my friends, had a viable marketing income, sufficient to be able to rely on it as a very powerful source of revenue, and you can do it, too. How much will it cost you? Nothing. I don't need your money. If you're serious about developing online marketing skills, I'll be happy to point you to some serious help, such as and other helpful websites and information sources, and my advice will never, ever cost you a single cent.

If you're wondering how come I can do this, it's because I have all I really need. I was once a member of the now-famous New York School of Art, the Woodstock Impressionists and the infamous California Nine, and just completed the canvas backdrops for such jazz greats as Wynton Marsalis, Toots Thielemans, The Duke's Men, and two years in a row, did large-scale painted jazz art backdrops for IAJE, the International Association for Jazz Education Conferences, which were held in Toronto in 2003 and New York City in 2004. You can see my work on I have also done a series of large painted canvases for Music in the Mountains and many other music venues. In addition, I write books and am a published sfwa writer with 36 SciFi books still in print, dozens of films, tv shows and am the editor of Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine which was founded by my father, Horace L. Gold.

As I mentioned before, I don't need your money, and I'm always willing to help guide anyone who sincerely wants to ethically market on the internet. In my roles as antiquarian bookseller and Ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian Artifacts and my high-level antiques shop Vaults of, I must maintain an absolutely pristine-perfect record, and I have maintained a good reputation among dealers since I began in those fields in 1972 and have developed many friendships with longtime clients over the years.

A lot of my secret is that I treat my customers as I would like to be treated. The merchandise is guaranteed as stated; I offer a money-back guarantee, Certificates of Authenticity, fast, fast shipping, fair prices, honest and full disclosure, I double-check my collectibles with other experts, such as 17th century etchings and ancient artifacts, and most of all, good communication. The words of Bill and Ted are echoed here: Be Excellent To Each Other. I might also mention the wisdom of my friend Mack Rebbenack: What Goes Around Comes Around, and of the Great Buckaroo Banzai: Wherever You Go, There You Are.

You can find my philosphy best expressed on our online gaming site, The name says it all.

Many people think it's too complicated to become an online auction seller, but it isn't as hard as you think it is to develop a very full income from online sales, and online auctions are only one of many viable methods of building online marketing income.

Making Your Online Millions

The Most Important Factor in generating online business is, of course, traffic. There are dozens of ways of getting traffic to your websites, but you don't want to add any more bandwidth costs than your site will actually support. I currently get in the millions of hits per month, and it costs, so you have to market successfully in order to handle the increased ISP expenses.

  • Direct Online Sales -- I make sites such as with a combination of information related to a specific subject such as literature, or in an equally interesting and lucrative field, you can visit which works with back page information, combined with sidebar store buttons. This style of website works really well. The information, if interesting and informative, makes the site sticky, and the related shops can easily turn a few hundred dollars a night (that's when most of your online sales will come in, typically). You must include a shopping cart for each item if you want to see actual sales come rolling in, but that's very easy to do, and PayPal is a great payment method for online sales. I use it and recommend it.
  • Auction Site Single Vendor -- If you really, really MUST have your very own auction site, you can, if you have the skills, write your own auction software, and make a site like this little thing I cooked up just to show you how it can be done. You can visit my example private vendor auction site at It's just an example of how easy it is to write your own auction software. This site will support several million transactions a day and I could have easily expanded the software to handle much, much more.
  • Auction Site Multi-Vendor -- here's an experimental multi-vendor auction site with very little software overhead, for a medium-volume market. art is geared toward art sales, but it could easily be converted to multiple items of any kind.
  • Wall Street -- One of my Wall Street sites, insane investor (I used to work on the floor of the Stock Exchange) gets millions of hits, and is a great reference to throw out when I appear on financial shows such as CNBC's Squawk Box. It doesn't hurt to have a website people can go to after the show, and I've gotten quite a few accounts as a result of my syndicated financial column.
  • Fund-Raising -- Most of my time these days is occupied with fundraising, which I have done both in brick-and-mortar art and collectibles auctions and by direct appeal for the Red Cross, 9-11 Fund, Sierra Services for the Blind, City of Hope, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Comedy Relief and many other worthy causes, for which I have helped raise literally tens of millions over the years. See these sites, America-The-Beautiful, and nevada city as an example of what YOU could do to help, if you can write HTML and have a few hundred extra websites, as I do. Karmically speaking, it is a good thing to pass on your good fortune to others. I do it by fundraising for worthwhile organizations, and if your organization needs help in this way, don't hesitate to email me by using the contact button on this page.
  • Domain names -- I have a viable business in domain names, and have over 100 fully developed websites that can be, and are, sold as going businesses to be combined with brick & mortar or not as the buyer chooses. see this site for more details
  • Vendor Sites --Powerful resale sites such as House of Egypt can be useful in three ways: first, as a direct sales outlet. Secondly, as a source for online auction graphics and descriptions (just grab the html off the source page and paste it into your listing and insert the graphic into your graphic slot and you've done a quick listing). Third, as a great reference catalog for your brick and mortar, such as my shop in Grass Valley, California, where I sell art, including original works by Renoir, Chagall, Picasso, Miro, Rembrandt, Hockney and others, and also give free art classes to about 350 local residents.
  • Online Search Service -- I used to be a PI for Management Safeguards in NYC many years ago, and am a former AIS/ASA Army Security Agency operative during the Nam Era. I learned a hell of a lot about investigation, and it's all about detail and following leads -- the internet provides a wealth of data and if you're a licensed PI, you should learn the ropes. Sometimes it's as simple as looking Here. Using the internet and a few simple back-engineering tricks, I can find out virtually everything about you including your home phone number, who your friends are, what you do for a living and so on, and so can almost anyone else, without violating anything; you would not believe the information about YOU that's available to anyone who wants to know, and that's without asking anyone for anything, no hacking, no nothing -- just browsing the web. I'm an extreme example, but go ahead and call up google, then enter ej gold into the search line, and you'll see something like 87 pages of references... which brings us to the next item:
  • Online Security Services -- Security issues, especially personal identity issues, are a very big problem, because as quickly as the security systems are in, the back doors are penetrated by hackers. You'd need a lot of training, or a good security management consultant such as, and you'll find that it is a wide-open field that really needs development.
  • Entertainment -- You'd be surprised how many people are willing to download a music file from sites such as mp3. As a jazz and rock musician, I derive quite a bit of income from pages such as this.
  • People -- Quite a few friends have made a business of matching people up with other people of similar interests. While a great deal of time can be put into such a site, there are a number of automatic search engines and updater robot systems that can make it a hassle-free job.
  • Game Sites -- This is the most fun of all, and can be incredibly lucrative if you're clever and write good games. I invite you to visit my primary gamesite, gamexx.
  • Food -- You can set up an online outlet for many foods, even perishables, if you know how to ship fast. How about this for a temptingly delicious marketing site -- chocolates.
  • BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. People love to read, and they read more than they do anything else, unless they're media-blobs. Our publishing company markets books directly through gateways books, and we have enough work to keep four people busy in shipping 10 hours a day.
  • Media -- I guess I have to vote for media as the number one marketing item, and here's one of my media sites.
  • Portal Sites -- Here's a great design for a portal site -- The Portal Site which would be a great income producer for any ISP or high-traffic system.
  • Website Design -- What a fun way to make a living. Here's how a friend of mine does it --
  • Computer technology -- A site such as GalaxyWebsiteDesign can derive quite a large income if properly managed.
  • COLLECTIBLES -- We mustn't overlook the most lucrative type of website of all; collectibles. Everybody collects something, and we have hundreds of websites with collectibles. I'll send you to a few of them, so you can get an idea of the range of possibilities. The income potential is enormous, and you can find treasure troves in garages, lofts, trunks, attics and yard sales and resell them online...
  • Vintage
  • this is the source page for my funniest ebay listing ever, dating back to 1999, for our resin-cast garden fairies. I used to get an average, no kidding, of 20,000 hits every time I placed a listing with this hilarious pitch... I no longer do funny listings on ebay due to the fact that funny listings don't sell, even though I got a personal email from one of their execs saying he'd split his sides laughing over it. But wait'll you read the story and click down at the bottom of the page to hear the Roy Charles song on this site, it'll tickle your funnybone.

There's hundreds more websites on which I happily market all sorts of goods and services, most of which we either manufacture, such as the art, books and jewelry, and others on which we peddle items that vendors supply. You can use the contact button to get in touch with me and I'll be happy to guide you toward the future...and the future is now!

-- ej gold (Insane Investor)

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